Neil Hadden managed to keep out of trouble as a schoolboy and enrolled in the Army Cadets, where the discipline formed his character and he became an excellent shot. The officer in charge was most impressed and some years later made him an offer that would change his life.

After he left school he was convicted and punished for a crime that he didn’t commit and he vowed to get even with the gang responsible.

Time passed by and he had a stable life when events occur that made him follow a new direction.

He successfully relieved the pain he’d suffered and formed a new partnership.

Gifted with an inheritance his life took a new turn and has he found love?

Contracted to an unknown source he takes on the role of an assassin.

He is given a task that should be a simple one to protect a witness. However, he found himself in some dangerous and frightening situations. To these people life means nothing.

The witness they’d protected and trusted turned out to be a dangerous terrorist.

Now, he must eradicate this person.

Will he succeed?

Rob stumbled upon a large quantity of money and drugs at the scene of an accident.  With no thought about the consequences he took the bag and left the scene.

When his deed came to light it caused a huge conflict between him, his wife and her father. During the course of events they end up targets of the Irish drug baron who were at war with the Russian drug mafia for the control of the area in southern Spain.

The family gratefully accept help from an undercover cop and a Spanish detective. Now residing in Spain their lives are in constant danger and they have to take evasive action to keep safe.

Their journey eventually came to an explosive end and their lives were changed for ever.

Will the search teams find any survivors from the exploding yacht?

Alan creates a new organisation to investigate crime and terrorism across Europe.

He enlists the assistance of characters from the previous book. Cases include, Jewel shop thieves, Fuel pipe line thieves, and suspected terrorists whose aim is to create as much mayhem and carnage as possible and are financed by Farid.

Alan walked into danger when he has a conflict of interest with Canadian investigators and their American paymasters.

Ramirez plays his part and becomes an honorary member.

Follow the twists and turns of the family as both they and the holiday rental business expand.

The idea for this story came from what I was told about a student at a certain University and the attack incidents are true. It was their own idea of how they would take their revenge. I have added some twists to that idea,

Amanda, a young student should have been safe in her bed but was raped by a gang. Later, they carried out the same attack on a fourteen-year-old girl who ended up taking her own life.

After suffering the torture of that night and the following disappointments Amanda Lang vowed to get revenge on those who had been abusing women.

She befriended a young detective who reluctantly agreed to help find the gang who were responsible. It took time for this to happen and she suffered distress, anguish and frustration during the years of waiting.

When the gang reappeared she planned her revenge, helped by the young detective, Jimmy Sutton the gang was apprehended. Amanda took them to a place where she made them suffer more pain than they’d ever dreamed of.

                     Will she get away with it?  Does the detective keep his job?

                     Will she find happiness afterwards. Can she live with the consequences?

DANGER AHEAD the 3rd in the DANGEROUS JOURNEY series publish mid 2018

The team investigates the suspected terror attacks and corruption in a foreign Government.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS the 2nd Detective Jimmy Sutton crime series. He investigates the list of suspects obtained from the gang in Ultimate Revenge. Publish  summer /autumn 2018

LAST BREAKFAST 3rd Detective Jimmy Sutton series. Juliet Burnett is shot on the balcony of her apartment on the 10th floor. Jimmy is sent to Spain to investigate. He unearths a conspiracy to export weapons to a country under strict sanctions. Publish summer / autumn 2018

ONE DAY A photographer and his wife are attacked for taking pictures, their equipment wrecked. He suffers serious injuries, she vows to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Is it mission impossible?

Publish autumn 2018

STOLEN IDENTITY Two boys become friends at school, one rich, one poor. Some years later the poor boy lies, cheats and murders to be able to live a life of luxury. When he thinks he’s got it all his past returns to haunt him.   Publish late autumn 2018

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